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Friday, June 18, 2010

Old dog is old

I was thinking today about Emma, and how good she is.

But yet, I never really talk about her.

Shes reliable. This is the dog I'd take into public and not worry about. This is the dog a mob of kids could pet and she'd be cool with that. The dog I can recall off rabbits when shes in a full run. The good dog. The predicatible, stable dog.

She stalks me from room to room, always wanting to be in my presense, but never, ever is pushy for attention, in fact she never asks for attention at all. Even politely. Unlike Chili who shoves a toy in your lap, or paws at you when hes bored. Or Kiwi who will try and climb in your lap. Em will just wait patiently for you to notice her.

Medically, shes been a dream. I think we have two dentals and a torn dew claw under our belts and thats it. Shes fit, shes sound, shes fast, which is not amazing until you account thats shes also old. Critter who is the other "old dog" has cost us many thousands of dollars in vet care and much stress and grief over her behavior. Em is the old person I hope to be.

Though, this posses a dilema in my mind. If Critter were to die, say tomorrow. I could come to terms with that pretty easy I think. Shes had all the apropriate signals of "hey guys, I can't get around well anymore, oh and I have cancer, and my teeth are fallling out!"

Emma has no such signals. So Until people ask me her age, I kinda don't think about it. But the truth is she is old...she may be as old as Critter, or even older...just no way to know.

When Scooter died, he also gave no "hey guys Iam old" statements. He was here and then he was gone. When the vet told me he was an old man, after I just ran him all week like the five year old dog I thought he was. I began to think I killed my little ol' man. Perhaps I did accidentally.

Anyway, I guess my point is, when Em goes, I fear it will be sudden like Scooter. I also get the sinking feeling that Em will go before Critter, because Critter seems to have a good grip on this life...surviving everything it throws at her.

Em is a good dog. I don't give her enough credit. I hope she knows that.

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