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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Novelty and heavy objects.

Closing the store on sat and moving the stuff out, sounded, I dunno, not easy, but not dramatic. I figured I'd be a little tired. I didn't figure I'd be mentally and emotionally drained. To the point I actually drank a costco size redbull to stay functional, despite it likely giving me a crash, heart palpatations, and a headache tomorrow.

I cleaned "the" table off today. Mostly. I often wonder how a minimalist like myself, with no qualms about shit canning useless things can acumulate so much crap so quickly. I mean, I don't buy anything really, dog food, a plant or three, maybe, MAYBE a shirt when I ruin one. I think the bullshit is breeding on the table, like a bad bacteria. Similar in strength to the one that made me actually consider lopping my hand off as a viable option.

Speaking of my hand. I actually go a day or two in a row without inspecting it. I used to check the scar daily, I dunno, part of me was worried it might absess again, the other part reveling in the really bitchin' scar I now wear, almost like a ten year old boy would be proud of a scraped knee. I guess the novelty and the fear of my thumb melting off my hand are wearing off. Until I bump it on som'thing that is. Man that smarts.

The neighbors got another dog. At first I saw they kept it inside, and would play with it outside hours a day....while the other dog was still banished to the yard and ignored. Its been about a week now, and the dog now lives outside full time, and is now recieving about as much attention as the first dog. That dogs novelty seems to have worn off faster than my fascination with my hand.

My guess is they could not housebreak it, after all when we moved in, that was the reason they sited for chucking the first dog outside. At least I can see the problem with the first dog. hes unaltered and when my dogs greet him at the fence, he pees on their faces (well tries too) without fail.

So now I have two 24-7 barking dogs outside in earshot. The new dog has the most shrill bark I've heard in recent memory, beating out Chili's loud, fast bark, and Hobo's high pitched sissy bark.

And thats hard to do. :)

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