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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Frankendog's Cah nee

Chili loves him som' jumps. I mean, he was okey dokey with them at in, "well, I'll get a treat, so sure"...but as time has gone on, hes gotten really into it. Like I imagine the talented agility dogs do, where the behavior itself is a reward, and a behavior that is self rewarding, its a holy grail if its som'thing you want and can control.

We had been working on me sending him to the jumps...basically I'd stand back and give him a signal to run AWAY from me, and over the hand target or lure...just him understanding English like usual.

He got it. So well that I started asking him to stop mid run back to me (completely new) and he got that never ceases to amaze me how important foundation behaviors are. Sure I could have taught him all these things, independently...but what we have is more like me giving him instructions for a new task, and he does it. Instead of having to shape and lure everything like I do the other dogs.

So, just as the twinkle of a great agility dog gets in my eye. Chili begins to "skip" on and off for a few days. I knew right away what it was, and I knew getting a chi mix that it could and would likely happen. I was in in denial for about a full day and then I came to my senses....So off to the vet we go.

Luxating Patella, on the left side. Grade two. Not surgery worthy yet, but will be one day. To quote the vet "his conformation is crap". So much for that show dog career also :p

He is also "raked"?? Which Iam told means his back end is up too high and it puts all his weight on his bowlegged front legs. He could pass for a drag car.

So the jumps have been unused for a few weeks now while I mentally try and cope with this. He can still use them, just not often, and forget being an agility dog on any level besides playing in the backyard. I worry how Iam going to keep a dog that goes 100mph all day everyday from over exercising... I worry about him having surgery....I worry about him being in pain one day.

We joke about his little Cahneez (knees). Som'times I think I laugh so I don't cry.

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