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Thursday, May 28, 2015


A year ago yesterday. Chili and Escher hanging out

A photo posted by Crystal and Chili (@criosphynx) on

Chili has so few friends, but I think thats ok. Hes an introvert

A photo posted by Crystal and Chili (@criosphynx) on

mOaR Escher

much yay.

Fran rejects my gift.

He was soooo stoked about the previous egg that I decided to take a video, and as typical of animals and cameras, this happened. That said, the kid watching the anticlimax became the star.

Fran just turned 3 on April 12, 2015. Hes 30lbs right now and just shy of 6 ft.

How much is that Monitor in the bathtub?

Mayweather Dive

Or Pacquiao...

Irrelevant really!

So the complex across the street threw a big shindig for the fight. Dude has a single car garage man cave  complete with Oscar fish tank and three...yes three TVs. All positioned at different levels.  He also has a full bar and sand on the floor. I'm not kidding.

Its one of those things that on one day, you think its pretty impressive, and on another day is overkill and weird. He sits in it constantly, I hope he doesn't have a family.

Anyway, they put up a huge projector to show the fight. Several easy ups and sideways easy ups were errected to block the view to the uninvited. I could still see in, but I wasn't really interested.

After the party they canned all the uneaten food. This was my best food dive so far with only one other coming close. I was shocked how wasteful this group was, people from the party could have taken this food home.

 Strawberries (3 boxes) Carrots, a bag of shredded red cabbage, 4 bread loaves, muffins, mandarin oranges, bag of shredded carrots, a half watermellon, and other stuff I'm sure I'm forgetting. The bread wasn't even out of date yet (but then again, it never is)

While alot of it was bread based, I did eat the strawberries,(that looked picked that day fresh) the mandarin oranges (package was unopened)  and to much personal disappointment in my impulse control, the donuts. Everything else ended up as animal food.

There was also two cases... CASES of mini donuts that I didn't bother to take.

Yay for boxing?

Friday, May 22, 2015

Four things Friday with critters!

No surprise really there..

So here is "our"  pool. Its normally teeming with children (hell there's no pool gate to one day I'm sure it will be marinading children), but on this day there was extra special garnish.

 DUCKS! We named them Donald and Daisy and spent the next week and half trying not to step in duck shit. I did not succeed... They ate the neighbors cat food and made the pool disgusting at a shockingly fast rate. 

 This is supposed to be a pick of Fawkes, our new craigslist cornsnake. The previous owner asked for a picture of her about a week after my acquisition and I shrugged and did the best I could. If I was going to be troubled with making a snake take a forced picture then he was going to have to take the chihuahua surcharge for my effort.
These were brought into the store along with at least 25 other turtles by a gentleman who cleans fish tanks.

 He arrived to tear down a "fish" tank and was greeted by 40 gallons of the worst turtle soup ever made. I took these two stinkpots home and the map turtle, he took the rest home with him to find homes. We lost a stinker about a week into it and the map isn't doing super hot either. Aside from no UVB or heat on them in the soup, I'm sure their kidneys were fried when I got them as well. We'll see what happens, maybe one will make it. 

I'm off to train dogs now. That is all.

Thursday, May 21, 2015