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Thursday, April 21, 2011


Its official.

I've lost my mind.

Out of all the deep thoughts swirling in my head all day. Dolphins and physics. Polymers and behavior...what does my brain chose to dream about?


Not just in a "there was a turd in my flying dream last night". No, as in the whole dream was about poo to the point I became so anxious and upset I woke up and had to determine if it had really happened.

A Poopmare.

I had just, just enough sense in me to not ask kev if it was real when he came home. I had the thought of "if its real, you'll deal with it when you get up, if its not, you'll never hear the end of it"

Kev is kind enough to remember all my half asleep babblings. Though nothing beats him sitting up in bed, totally knocked out screaming "THE FERRETS!" over and over. I pet his head and assured him that there were no carpet sharks and he slumped back into bed.

Anyway, I feel this is fitting, because Im positive the cause of my poopmares is actually experiencing them herself. Tippy is a sleep pooper.

She was "the bed pooper" before all of her sleeping in bed privileges were revoked. A once in a blue moon thing became clockwork like an incoming train. So the bed pooper sleeps alone

She is bonafide asleep when this happens. So every morning, she awakens to several nuggets amid her bed.

I suppose I can't complain to much, my dream was waking up to find the floor alllll around my bed was covered in Tippy nuggets...

but Tippy gets to live the dream. Live the dream Tippy, live the dream.

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