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Sunday, April 28, 2013


If you've never watched a documentary on Meerkats. You are missing out on one of the great joys in life.

I've been around alot of animals in my day, so finding som'thing I'll ooogle and ZOMG CUTE over is quite the task. Its been probably well over a year since I've felt the urge to squee and squeeze.

But then I saw the back of their fuzzy little heads. ZOMG CUTE I WANT ONE.

I have a thing for the backs of animals heads, I could stare at the back of Chili's head forever if he'd just sit still for a damn second. The ears need to be alert though, and that usually precedes running after som'one or things.

 Chili taught himself to "sit pretty" years ago, during my failed attempt to teach it to Kiwi. It not a very impressive trick IMO, but it is perhaps the cutest. Perhaps thats why its becoming so popular lately.

It used to be that I'd lay down and relax and Chili would permit it. Temporarily.

When my time was up and he wanted me to get up let him out, give him a chewie or just entertain his bored butt, he would paw at me. Annoying.

Then when this didn't work, he'd lay down and then vocalize at me. If this didn't work he go back to plan A and paw at me some more.

This went on for years.

Then, somehow he began to Rolodex and do other tricks. I'd generally ignore him, but apparently, more often then not, I'd get up when he'd "sit pretty".

I know this because its now his "go to" behavior for "I want something that you can't give me from where you are". He only does this in that context. Other things, opening doors, handing him this or that, do not elicit "sit pretties".

He's even learned to do it in front of the TV. Blocking the view.

"Get up hooman, lazy hooman, I want xyz. NOW."

 So I guess I got the meerkat I asked for...

 A spicy, demanding, manipulative meerkat.

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