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Thursday, August 5, 2010


no not the book.

Chili had a rather uncharacteristic revelation today whilst at the outdoor mall. It went som'thing like this...

Wait a minute. Wait...wait...all these people...they are here, to see ME.

Truth be told they were not there to see Chili (please don't tell him, he'll be crushed), but this did not stop him from turning into a complete happiness retard.

He developed that whole body butt wiggle you only tend to see in pit bulls and labs and when that wasn't enough to convey his emotions, he got zoomies. Happiness zoomies.

He then ellicted play from me, right in the center of this busy place, hundreds of people, cars, music over loudspeakers, screaming kids, bikes, dogs, you name it.... and my reactive dog tried to play with me.

part of me, when I re read that, knows I should be crying tears of joy, but Iam honestly still in shock...there was a pom twenty feet away barking at him and he was trying to ellict attention from strangers. At night time to boot. Hes afraid of the dark, this is only his second training session in a dark place.

I mean, I knew this training stuff would work. I knew I could convince him things/people aren't scary, that I could teach him to ignore them no matter what, and to tolerate these things.

I never, in a million years thought he'd genuinely LIKE these things because of training...I mean, I knew it could happen, but Chili is so "selective" hes fearful, and when hes not fearful, hes a snob, he doesn't throw himself at anyone but me and Kev, and recently Cheryl. I supposed I have a different problem now...the problem of the OMG I want to meet you! Which is not som'thing I really have much practice in dealing with. I know how, just never thought I'd need it.

Crazy dog, I wish he'd make his mind up already!

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