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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Complete list of Dive Finds

 It always boggles my mind when I see people not only throw things away like this, but the sheer disbelief of outsiders, who view dive videos online and say they are staged or fake because theres just "NO WAY" people would discard XYZ. My experience is that people will discard ANYTHING and  you can have ANYTHING you want or need if you just are patient enough.

 When people move, they are panicky and thoughtless, they will throw things out and repurchase them rather than move them.  Also, rampant consumerism leaves people with excess items and apparently a complete ignorance of thrift stores or charity. Or perhaps people are too lazy to drop things off on their way somewhere to buy more stuff they don't need, I don't know which it is, but I find sacks of expensive clothing on a regular basis.

 I have actually had spooky moments were I think to myself, "gosh, I really could use XYZ, I'd hate to have to buy one, but I guess I will have to" only to find that item over the next two days. It happens to me all the time.  Its pretty amazing, just think how many items are being discarded for that to happen to me multiple times in a month. I pretty much don't buy a damn thing anymore, aside from food and gasoline. Theres no need to, as one of my frugal idols and genius Bert Langerwerf  used to say "everything is free." He was right.

Heres my complete list since Jan 2015 and I will add to it often. I only started collecting items I didn't actually need personally for resale/donation around April, when I learned we were having a neighborhood yard sale. Many of these items are being stored til next year to sell at the 2016 sale, since this years was a huge success for me. I sold items for 1 hour before work,  then had to pack it up. I didn't have much to sell but made $58. Not bad for an hour and free items, displayed on my free table, next year I hope to make more like $300. I also have been learning ebay and have sold every dive item I've listed, I started last month and have made aprox $100 so far on less than 6 listings.

  I did not include clothing, linens/towels, beauty or food items here because its just too much to list. Seriously.  Perhaps I'll make a separate list in the future. I did not include items that after the fact turned out to unusable or broken.

 I also have not included items I saw that were usable but I didn't need or couldn't sell quickly. For example furniture, computer printers and tvs are discarded in large numbers and I don't need any and my storage space is limited.

I have made notes as to how many of the item I have found. Keep in mind I rarely find multiples of an item at the same time, so if the item say, for example (3) that is three separate people on three separate days that made the choice to be wasteful.

Gift cards
Best buy$2.14
Starbucks $4.65
Starbucks $2.70
Target $5.40
Pacific Sunwear (pacsun) $7.53

Electronics/plug me in stuff
Panda clock
digital alarm clock
iphone/ipod clock/radio (sold)
Carpet shark vaccum (needs a $4 belt)
Standing fan
Selfie stick with batteries (sold)
Cassette boombox ( the vintage, silver kind)
Car lighter dustbuster (was very excited about this)
Black large toaster (makes 4 at a time)
Apple usb wall charger (sold)
Apple wall charger
Heavy duty extension cord
Heavy duty extension cord three way splitter
D batteries (new in package)
9v battery (new in package)
AA batteries(new in package)

Shoes/sport stuff
Adidas shoes (used for mud run)
reebok shoes (sold)
vans shoes (sold)
under armour (saving for new mud run)
Youth motorcycle helmet with googles
Purple backpack (like new)
Billabong womens wetsuit (NEW WITH TAGS)
Propane camping stove

Holiday stuff
 (6) wraping paper rolls
(2) bags of gift wrap bows
ornament hangers
Candy corn string lights
Pumpkin string lights
Reindeer welcome mat (new with tags)

Cat carrier (new) (sold)
Dog carrier med (new with tags still on door) (for sale as I type this)
Cat bed (new)
Dog bed (fine after a wash)
Dog leash (unused/new)
Dog poop bags in holder
Dog squeaky toy bear (new with tags)
New Cherry baby gate ( I use for the dog)

 (2 pair) gardening gloves (new with tags, packaging)
Mandevilla plant (tag on pot reads $20, half dead, recovered fine)
Aloe vera plant in pot
Metal plant stand with mosaic top
metal plant pot holder with wheels
Teak plant pot holder with wheels
Large birdbath
Folding cloth/metal chair for kids

Large ikea style dvd shelves
Cherry colored bookcase
Computer desk (like new)
Dvd shelves (tall for side of tv)
Computer/office chair (like new)
Photo/picture frames (too many to count, many new in package, wood etc, several w/ $35 price tags on them
Laundry hamper
Metal Hello Kitty trash can (tag from BB&B on back says $22)
Kitchen trash can
metal bathroom trash can
6ft white folding table
Shelf brackets (nice iron/ decorative ones)

 Art supplies
(2) large glitter containers (retails for $15 each)
Canvas still in plastic wrap with tags
Mechanical pencils, and refills
pens/ sharpies/ highlighters
(2) boxes of standard staples
post it pads
(5) rolls of scotch tape
Paint brushes (new)
Drawing paper books
Lined paper
Sewing glue
Elmers glue

roll of duct tape
Cell phone cases (one new, several in like new condition)
Tablet case (new in package)
Comic book (sealed in package)
Nintendo magnet
Huge box of vhs tapes
Large case of vintage cassettes
Ziplock bags (unopened box, completely new)
Electronic coin counter with batteries (sold)

Kids stuff
Hello kitty diary with pen (sealed in package) (sold)
Avengers playing cards (sealed in package) (sold)
Littlest pet shop figures (dogs)
Monster high doll (sold)
Disney store exclusive Minnie Mouse (sold)
Flats of kids stickers

Cleaning stuff
(2)Tubes of Comet (half full)
Rubbermaid mop (brand new)
Red broom
Hand broom
Bottle of kitchen degreaser (brand new)
Bottle of off brand soft scrub (brand new)
Aerosol febreeze (1/3 full)
(2)Spray febreeze (1/2 full)
Arm and hammer carpet spray (1/3 full)
Pet carpet spray, red bottle (completely new)

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