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Friday, May 22, 2015

Four things Friday with critters!

No surprise really there..

So here is "our"  pool. Its normally teeming with children (hell there's no pool gate to one day I'm sure it will be marinading children), but on this day there was extra special garnish.

 DUCKS! We named them Donald and Daisy and spent the next week and half trying not to step in duck shit. I did not succeed... They ate the neighbors cat food and made the pool disgusting at a shockingly fast rate. 

 This is supposed to be a pick of Fawkes, our new craigslist cornsnake. The previous owner asked for a picture of her about a week after my acquisition and I shrugged and did the best I could. If I was going to be troubled with making a snake take a forced picture then he was going to have to take the chihuahua surcharge for my effort.
These were brought into the store along with at least 25 other turtles by a gentleman who cleans fish tanks.

 He arrived to tear down a "fish" tank and was greeted by 40 gallons of the worst turtle soup ever made. I took these two stinkpots home and the map turtle, he took the rest home with him to find homes. We lost a stinker about a week into it and the map isn't doing super hot either. Aside from no UVB or heat on them in the soup, I'm sure their kidneys were fried when I got them as well. We'll see what happens, maybe one will make it. 

I'm off to train dogs now. That is all.

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