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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mid Baja Babies

I was lucky enough last night to witness a Mid Baja Rosy Boa giving birth. Most boas give birth in the middle of the night, and quickly so its very easy to miss. I've been lucky this year to see a couple mamas in actual snakey labor. 
 She had 9 total, which is a big litter for a Rosy, esp when you consider the last litter a few days ago from another female only had 4 total. Nine babies and two slugs (infertile ova) makes for a big litter.
They aren't born in any obvious sac like red tail boas are, so the mess is pretty much non existent. Some came out head first, some tail first. However the great majority came out folded in half with a loop emerging first.
I crawlz outz
Baby being born "loop first".
 They'd hit the ground and then take 1-3 huge breaths, something the red tails also did not do. On top of that, they immediately began cruising around the cage. RTB babies sit there, very still, not even bothering to leave their sacs most of the time. These little dudes were booking it around their cage. Some of them making laps like little race cars.
The entire litter
The colors varied tremendously. Mom and dad are blue and red yet a few hypo looking, bright orange guys were in the litter. We'll have to grow them up and see if its just variation or a bonafide hypo gene.

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