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Friday, June 7, 2013

I've finally done it.

I've purchased my first domain name.

Its an easy thing to do, and inexpensive, but I had held off on it for a few years now to make sure I was intent on this blogging thing. Having your own domain seems like a commitment in many ways. I didn't want to commit to som'thing that I didn't have my heart in. I think the blog is the perfect outlet for me, I need both a place to put troubling thoughts and a place to store memories, as I basically can't remember shit. I also need the control of have say in things. Veto power if you will.

There is a saying to describe Leos;

"Makes a great Chief, but a lousy Indian".

This is me to a T. Perhaps its more of an aspie trait than a made up lion trait, but I digress. ;) I actually prefer to be slightly on the backburner, but have my ideas respected and listened to. The top boss has the boring paperwork job, I need to get my hands dirty. Can't do that planning payroll.

 Nothing kills me more than an incompetant boss who doesn't listen to what I have to say ( coughpetsmartcough) esp when live animals are involved. You can make sales and not kill animals you know, its doable.

Big box stores need to learn this or stop selling them. I loved raising Parrots at the big box, but hell to the yeah was I excited when PETA made them stop. It was fun, but it wasn't right morally, by any stretch. I did the best I could while I was there, but ignored tumors, sales to morons, stolen birds, aspirated birds and all the other nonsence that went on the second I left needed to stop.

Anyway, back to my point. I'm in it for the animals, their well being, and my sanity. I'm at that point in real life, and now I can be at that point on the web without anyones money making greed holding back the truth.

Because thats what its all about to me. Truth.

Thanks for reading,


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