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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Complaint I filed to Ripoff Report

With the typos fixed. Of course. ;)

Once upon a time I had to deal with a Bizarre Woman when I saved a dog.... I removed her name to keep her from trying something insane. Shes already been sued for stealing a dog after pissing someone off.

" I adopted a dog from this "rescue". This dog was a medical case that no rescue wanted. He was also elderly.

Money was raised to pay for the dogs many surgeries, to be given either directly to the adoptor or paid the the vet doing the surgery. This amount was about $250. Donated by random kind people who could not take the dog on themselves

I took possession of the dog who required a dental, huge tumor removal and three hernia repairs. My vet was generous and only charged me $2,000. This was cheap for what was done. The dog also has hip dysplasia and two luxating patella, that due to his age The vet elected to leave alone. He was extremely overwieght when I obtained him. Basically the most unadoptable dog ever.

"K" never sent me the dogs paperwork, microchip info or the $250. When I contacted her she told me I wasnt on file and she didnt know anything about the money raised.

I figured out very fast that the money was a lost cause and so I insisted on the dogs vet records/ vacine records. At this point she turned into an irate delusional person and the wierdest convo ensued. She spoke in word salad rivaling the mentally ill. I stayed calm and she yelled into the phone. Claiming I stole the dog from her and she was going to have me arrested. When this didnt work she then asked me to call her attorney.

I called K.K's "attorney" and left a message. He never called me back. I googled his name and phone number. He was a regular person, NOT an attorney and simply another rich dog "rescuer".

I finally convinced her to send me paperwork. I had to sit through her life story and other wierd nonsensical ramblings and be very patient. Her excuse for being crazy to me was a worker was pulling dogs, selling them and buying drugs with the money. She said she "knows" that I am in a conspiracy with the drug user and the dog I adopted didnt really exist.

I have screen shots of her talking to this "drug user" on facebook even after she claimed she reported her the the police. Instructing her to pull more dogs.

Sadly this sealed the deal in my mind that rescues are not for me. I always had pulled my own dogs from shelters and after this, I"ll never use a rescue again."

Having to type this out years after the fact just makes me shake my head and wonder how the world even functions. I'm glad to have it written down so I can put it behind me and stop thinking about it. Sadly this woman is still in business.

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