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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Leave it to the make my life just that much harder.

The small amount of Vitamin D3 in this calcium supplement will kill my Chameleon, Dragon, xyz etc.

According to the internets, these dangerous truths are real , and people treat this info like gospel.

Forget that there are people in the internet claming that unicorn eggs are nom nom yummy and that any 14 year old can make a forum post.

Forget that the person talking about animal XYX needing high humidity is probably from a drier climate than you.

Forget that the people who have the most experience likely have very little time to post on forums, and the social mentality of a forum is to regurgitate whatever the popular guy is saying to fit in. Thus making one persons stupid advice look like the majority conclusion.

Forget that these "facts" are not backed up by research, or peer reviewed papers, or the advice of seasoned, expert keepers. I'm sorry, your collection of 10 animals does not make you a seasoned keeper. Your research comprised of reading and regurgitating forum posts is not real research. Sorry.

Forget that I'm here to help you and I've done this one thousand gagillion times and clearly and concisely explain in big words, little words, with examples, inside outside upside down...why that internet snipped is wrong wrong wrong. Just look at me and argue and then go on yelp and say how "rude" or "know it all" I am because if you read it on the internetz, it MUST be true. Do you even know what D3 is? I'm willing to bet the boat you don't have a clue what D3 is, smarty pants.

So to those people I say, go ahead, give your Cham that never sees real sun, no D3! Make sure you're using that tiny coil UVB lamp (or better yet none!) that you bought because you're a cheap ass...a

I'll be here when you need advice of fixing the metabolic bone disease in your Cham . Then we'll see whats gospel. Good luck!


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