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Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Found this quote on a forum while looking for info on breeding successes with Varanus Melinus. Thought it was both hilarious and very true. People who ask questions endlessly because their trying to get you to say som'thing that validates their view.

 This generally occurs when their view is asinine and will kill their animal, or wreck its health, but does som'thing convenient or perceived profitable for the owner. I say perceived because alot of these questions involve breeding deformed animals, mixing already ugly localities, feeding cornsnakes fried chicken wings or other stupid get rich quick ideas.  I've had a guy run me ragged on wanting to breed a rosy boa to an anaconda...

Well, he didn't really want to do it, he just wanted me to stop working and walk him through how to do it, in detail. Every time I tried to dismiss the idea, disengage and walk away,  he followed me, shouting more questions and wouldn't leave me alone. I'm serious.

  I run into these people all the time. You learn to be very short with them . I've tried other tactics but nothing seems to work except being simplistic in your answer and then act too busy to answer more questions. If that doesn't work. HIDE. " I just have to go pee real quick for the next hour or however long you're here" sort of thing.

Sadly, I get suckered into describing the outcomes of litters that shouldn't be born and explaining that YES that deformed tail will probably produced more deformed tails (I have learned recently to leave the "probably" out as this seems to actually mean " WHO CARES BREED IT ANYWAY" to the person when I say it)

Then the babies are born fucked up, or they bring me ugly mutts, or animals from a saturated market, or illegal and then stare at me with disbelief and often anger when I wont buy their pets or offspring. Or more often its simply dead.

Anyway. endrant/

"Sometimes they'll keep asking new people the same question until they find someone that will give them the answer they want, or they'll do the opposite of what I advise and when things go pear shaped will ask me why. There's a meme going around Facebook at the moment defining those people as 'askholes'. After a while, one realises that it's a waste of one's time to keep responding to those people, as it leaves less time to respond to the people that do heed one's advice." 


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