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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy Halloween Mr.Grinch

That sounds about right.

Hi Everyone,

this is post I've wanted to make for a while. A really, really, long while.

I know Xmas is very near. The decorations next to the Halloween decorations in all the shops tell me so. I wanted to make my list early this year. Though I have devised more than a demanding "buy me this list"...perhaps more of a buy me "guideline" with dos and don'ts for common items. Nothing is so frustrating to get a gift that soooo close to what you want, but just barely misses the mark. I invite everyone I know to make a list, so the benefits can be mutual, and we all can have a happy happy holiday. Yay.

1. Food.

I like food. Don't get me wrong, but I'm a bit picky I admit. That said anything resembling real food will be received with glee. I spend most of my money on eating, so this offsets that. Now, by real food, I do not mean candy. I do not mean cake. I understand that Kevin's definition of food is far different than mine. Its not that I don't like Candy, or cake, but I like them in extreme moderation. When you give us candy/cake, here is what happens. If its Cake, Kev will eat it almost entirely alone, and in record time. If its candy, 95% of it ends up given away, or tucked away in the fridge until it expires and becomes compost. Am I ashamed of this, yes. That said each year I receive enough sugar to give a small country diabetes. Bread and Crackers and meat yes. Sugar and sugar and chocolate, no spanks

2. Books and Movies.

So far I haven't received a movie or a book I haven't liked. So bravo to you all. That said, I've received more books and movies than I can watch/read in a lifetime. I also have a hard time not ordering books for myself, and to be honest, I tend to read those first. When I look at my book/movie collection, I feel nothing but a sense of "wow, big eyes, small stomach". I get most of my reading/video off the web now, so while its not a bad gift, it may literally be YEARS before I get to it..

3. Clothes.

I have enough of them. I wear things until they wear out, which is a really long time. The only thing I could use are shoes and occasional undies, which I prefer to buy myself. Save the 200+ gals of water it takes to grow the cotton for ONE t-shirt. Thank you very much.

4. Toiletries

Ok, heres the dealio. I like the bath and body works type stuff just as much as the next girl, BUT I have oily, acne prone skin. So I need to wear stuff for sensitive skin, and I don't need to wear it all over (oily skin means you don't need gobs of lotion, thus...). I don't wear lotion. When I do need it, I use my $4 bottle of SPF 60 sunscreen (which has lasted me three years).

I have specific soaps and shampoos and such I use, that I've determined are best after decades of trying everything. I just not going to risk a breakout of frizz ball hair to try a new product I already know wont work for me. I also have aquired enough chap stick to equip all the people we gave diabetes to earlier. Perhaps thats good for them, maybe they ski alot there. Anyway these things end up in the same basket as the candy, given away or tossed.

Stuff I do like/need.

Ah ha, see I'm not all one sided and cynical.


My god do I love rugs. I need them. Preferably dark colors, and preferably non slip. Small and washable is best. These things save my sanity and my carpet.


The dog have enough toys and treats to last an army of dogs a lifetime. What I really need is cat and dog food, and the occasional this and that that cannot be predicted. Things that make you wish petco was open at 4 am. Both can eat any brand as long as its grain free. When in doubt. Gift card me. The dogs say thank you

3. Candles.

I can never ever have enough candles. I do alot of stuff my candlelight like every crazy dog lady should. I take all my showers by ambient light from outside or candles, so theres an image for you, all you male gift givers you. I prefer beeswax or soy candles for my health, but I'll take anythin

4. Plants

I really like gifts of plants, preferably outdoor types, and som'thing reasonably expected to live. If this scares you, I buy most of my plants at Lowe's. :)

5. Lego

Yeah I'm weird, but you can't go wrong with this. Its better to hoard Lego than cats. Remember that when you're in line at Toys R' Us. I'll build you a thank you card, or a castle. My pick.

6. Homemade/art

I enjoy homemade, artsy, and unique gifts. I still smile at the Rock painted like a Raccoon I got last year. I like that stuff, rustic, folk art, macaroni. Just make sure its not enormous unless its intended to be outside.

and since I've sat here 20 mins and can't seem to add to the list, that must be it. Basically, useful, usable items. Im kind to the environment, and like essentials, and while I'm sure the diabetics could use som' chapstick, som'where, I'd just rather not.

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