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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It seems a waste...

to live in California and not take advantage of it.

I mean, Hollywood, is like a 40 min drive from here. When you grow up here, you forget that.

I have been thinking more and more about that. Especially watching Jesse and jasmine get those commercial deals...aside from the walking handstand...there's not much there I haven't taught already, or couldn't teach.

Not to say theres not alot there, there is. I think that came out wrong. :p

So I sit back and think about why I think about this...I guess I over analyze everything...thinking about why I think what I think...

I have ZERO desire to be famous. Honestly. I do want recognition occasionally, but for the most part Iam content with no one knowing who the heck Iam. Part of the reason I don't go into training profesionally...

I think alot about animal wrangling and movie animal training. That, to me, is perfect...firstly, I have the experience with name it, from parrots to gators, hedgehogs to rattlers...I can handle it... don't have to deal with the public...sure you have clients...but you are, I imagine, for the most part, not dealing with the level of stupid I see at the shop daily.

I have been watching youtube vids of the late show (tonight show? I dunno) with stupid pet tricks...and think...god Chili could be on that show...

I guess I have no real point in this entry...just that maybe I'll get brave and you'll see Chili up in lights one day...hopefully with everyone completely ignoring me.

1 comment:

  1. Oh noes, LOLSnake! I hope you start incorporating LOL pix into more entries.

    There's more to being in Cali than just hollywood too. Remember, your doggies can experience snow in the mountains and tides at the beach too. :)

    I think Chili will need a good signature bandana around his neck before he'll 'make it', he's too...tan.