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Thursday, July 1, 2010

friggin wierdos

I find it odd that I keep finding myself writing about nutso people.

For the most part, I just want to be left alone. I have a small group of people I really enjoy and everyone else I try and simply stay civil with. I don't want to bother a soul.

apparently that's not how a lot of people function.

They can't be civil, they can't ignore, they can't walk away. And when I try and do those things to them, it makes them come back with a vengeance. I just want to be like...seriously? seriously? We are adults...go pound sand.

The idea of revenge and getting back at people just never has really done anything for me. Sure its a good movie plot...but that's about it. Som'one and I don't get along, my first instinct is to avoid avoid avoid and be as pleasant as I can when I can't avoid. When som'one has wronged me, I form whatever opinion Iam going to form and then I move on. Getting back at them never even crosses my mind.

I can write som'one off my list and never think about them again. Tho I have read that this is yet another aspy trait so the idea of normal people adopting this practice is fantasy I suppose.

I guess me learning to navigate this social world will be a lifetime of learning, and learning to manipulate it to my advantage may be even further off. The only safe option is to block out all new people who could become a potential hazard later, but that still leaves things like going out into public, or things I can't control, like who I work with, and who comes into my work etc.

I do know I haven't had to use my pepper spray yet, so I must be doing som'thing at least half right

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