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Sunday, June 27, 2010

what about everyone else?

I see it now.

If you want to train with punishment, professionally, you need a Mal, or a German Shepard...or even a lab. I've even seen a pit bull or two.

You want to train using Positive reinforcement, you go and get a border collie, or an Australian Shepard.

If you train with all methods, you get the dog that leans toward whatever side you lean more too.

At least this is my observation. Iam sure I am not the only one noticing this.

the public pays attention. Their dog isn't smart like a BC so it will never learn advanced things...or even basic things...after all the media shoves BC intelligence down our throats.

If you want a dog to "protect" you, get a Shepard...strap an ecollar on it and just start stim'ing the dog.

What I notice is. People tend to emulated the punishment based trainers blindly...without a clue what they are doing. Iam not demonizing ecollars. They have uses. But the idea of getting rid of behaviors that annoy you with the touch of a button, I think has tremendous pull with the public.

I also notice, that people tend to NOT emulate the positive trainers. They feel silly doing it. The figure their dog is dumb since its not a border collie. They figure they didn't start as a puppy so its too late.

I wonder why this is?

Firstly, the ecollar trainers putting collars on 9 week old those sit means sit money grubbers, are always going to be around. We are human. There are people that find having a mindless robot for a pet very reinforcing. I know, I used to be one of them. I see the appeal. It makes me sad that while I snapped out of it. Many people do not, and will not. Ever.

Iam not against ecollars, when used in certain ways. BUT it scares me how the public emulates som'thing they can't possibly understand. It bothers me that these collars are readily available at wall mart next to the collars and cookies. It bothers me that very few punishment based trainers put a disclaimer that says "DONT TRY THIS WITHOUT A PRO" on their videos.

Many positive trainers are great role models. They are encouraging, as they should be. But part of me thinks, that no matter what, people will have the "i can't do those things" because their dog isn't special or smart enough. I think the "I am a professional trainer now I'll go buy a border collie" is very very very cliche. Not wrong, just predictable.

I wish more positive trainers would use odd breeds, or mutts, or rescues to use as demo dogs. For me its much more impressive, and for the public, its much more encouraging...because after all their dog is now more like the trainers dog..."ordinary".

I know my dogs can do those fancy things, but it took three years of living and breathing this stuff to really believe it when I say it.

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